Physician Reimbursement

Physicians who refer patients to Hospice of Imperial Valley remain involved in their patients’ care and can continue to be reimbursed for their services.

Attending Physician

As a referring physician, most patients will select you as Attending Physician for hospice care. An attending physician is part of our hospice team coordinating the patient’s care. You bill and receive reimbursement from Medicare directly for ALL services provided, whether or not they are related to the patient’s terminal diagnosis. Services related to the terminal diagnosis simply require the use of modifier code “GV” on claims. Unrelated services require the code “GW.”

Consulting Physician

A physician NOT named Attending Physician for hospice care becomes a Consulting Physician and remains involved in the patient’s care. With pre-authorization, services related to the terminal diagnosis are reimbursed directly from Hospice of Imperial Valley. Unrelated services are billed directly to Medicare using the modifier code “GW.” 


Call us at 760-352-8905 for direction and support for physician billing for Hospice of Imperial Valley patients.